Håvard Enstad - Soundscapes

Håvard Enstad - Soundscapes

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Håvard Enstad - Soundscapes

Håvard Enstad - Soundscapes

Malta Society of Arts. Palazzo de La Salle, 219, Republic Street, Valletta. Ver mapa

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Håvard Enstad is a Norwegian pianist and composer. His music is greatly influenced by Scandinavian traditions but he is also inspired by more foreign cultures like Armenia, Middle East, the Balcan Region. And with his passion for baroque music he combines all these influences and creates a very personal tonal language. Melancholic, melodic, rhythmic and beautiful. In this program he will present music from his latest alsum "Patterns" together with new pieces, all bound together by improvisations, creating a magical atmosphere. 

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Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 22/10/2022
It was such an enjoyable night. thankyou.
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 22/10/2022
Beautiful, intimate evening
I enjoyed a beautiful evening at Palazzo de La Salle with Havard Enstad. The event was well organized, the concert was delightful and the venue felt intimate which was perfect for the show. I didn’t Ler mais ttend it, but there was also a reception after the show with drinks and food. I would absolutely attend another concert from the artist or at the Palazzo.
Anais Laperle
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 22/10/2022
Very special event
Beautiful concert, we loved every piece played! Big thanks to the organisers and the biggest to Havard!
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 22/10/2022
Bravo !!!!!
(Just testing this response mechanism out….)


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Can Simón

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