FAILING IN LOVE • Stand Up Comedy in English

FAILING IN LOVE • Stand Up Comedy in English

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FAILING IN LOVE • Stand Up Comedy in English

FAILING IN LOVE • Stand Up Comedy in English

Mint Bar. Paseo Isabel II, 4 (08003). Mapa ikusi

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After more than 10 sold out shows in a rowFAILING IN LOVE comes back with a killing stand up comedy show about dating successes, but mostly failures, with the best comedians in Barcelona. Come laugh & have fun with us at the coolest venue in town, MINT BAR [Book tickets asap!]


• Doors open @21:00h
• Show starts @21:30h (sharp)
• Duration of show: 80 min (aprox)
• Mint Bar, Passeig d'Isabel II, 4, 08003 Barcelona
• Urquinaona (L1-L4) or Jaume I (L4)

The show will be held entirely in English. We are only able to sell a limited number of tickets, so please reserve a seat in advance.

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Iritzia balioztatuta2022/10/7 egunean joan zen
Well intentioned show but some jokes were to far
Only one of the 5 comedians didn’t have to resource offensive, racist and diminishing jokes, hector ayala made us laugh and kept us all involved all the time without going yo dar or forcing it, can’t Gehiago irakurri ay the same from the other comedians.
Iritzia balioztatuta2022/09/2 egunean joan zen
Rude hostess but Kyla Cobbler was great!
Hostess as really rude, made fun of audience and took it too far to the point we almost left. We came for Kyla Cobbler and she was great!
Hi Agnes, we're sorry if you felt uncomfortable... :( We find it strange because people in general love our comedians and hosts/esses. But we will talk about it and work on it! At least you like Kyla :) Thanks for your feedback!
Mint Bar
Iritzia balioztatuta2022/09/2 egunean joan zen
Amazing night!
Wonderfull comedians! We will e back soon! Lluis the best
Iritzia balioztatuta2022/09/2 egunean joan zen
The best stand-up I've seen in a long while!
Loved it, loved it! The comedians were so funny and versatile. Very friendly atmosphere, great cosmopolitan audience and great vibes all around. Had the best Friday night out, highly recommend this c Gehiago irakurri medy gig and the venue!!
Iritzia balioztatuta2022/03/25 egunean joan zen
Failing in love stand up comedy
Thanks for everyone it was super fun!
Thank you for coming, Maya!
Mint Bar
+ Gehiago



Mint Bar

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